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- ..Of course, my satire post was just that, satire. I have no intentions of making EI fail. I perso ...2011.06.02 04:21:00
- ..This post will be the funnest post I've ever written. For a lot of reasons. Your reply for one. ...2011.06.02 02:05:00
- ..In a response to the previous posters post, I can imagine Hexxx and Co. Putting a glamorous pic an ...2011.06.01 22:30:00
- ..Thank you for your reply MDD. I've read Hexxx's OP and understand that this is in beta phase. My ...2011.06.01 21:27:00
- ..One thing that concerns me. The whole business plan is based on making ISK and covering payouts o ...2011.06.01 11:55:00
- ..Crunk. ...2011.06.01 11:39:00
- ..Drunk. ...2011.05.30 22:05:00
- ..I'm interested as well. ...2011.05.30 07:21:00
- ..Bump. ...2011.05.30 07:10:00
- ..I have max trade skills. I have made profitable trades. I have been trading in Jita for the past ...2011.05.26 21:16:00
- ..To Hexx and SencneS: Why are you running EI? For great profit or because offering this service i ...2011.05.26 20:58:00
- ..An audit cannot determine intentions. Because there is no Eve API associated with bond issuers ps ...2011.05.26 01:26:00
- Scam or trolling? I can't tell...I'll take Exercise in Futility for $1000 Alex! ...2011.05.25 00:34:00
- ..This looks like a great fit for Tutskii's fact checking service. ...2011.05.24 22:04:00
- ..Thank you very much for the reply SencneS. Very straight forward answers. By grandfathering in p ...2011.05.24 21:14:00

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