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- I have 12 mill skillpoints right now. I have most of my support skills to 4 or in the process of ge ...2010.12.12 23:20:00
- Is it worth training it to V? I've read it opens up nice fitting options but is that down the road? ...2010.12.12 23:10:00
- Right now my only character is Minmatar. I love the race and love the ships I can fly. But I've al ...2010.12.12 22:49:00
- Thank you all for the advice. Are there any other skills that are essential that I have them at 5? ...2010.11.30 08:28:00
- I'm leaving on vacation and I'll be away from the game for around 20 days. I was wondering which sk ...2010.11.29 09:19:00
- Keep it coming guys. All these posts are helping me a lot. Thanks for all the posts. ...2008.02.02 06:41:00
- Yeah I forgot to factor in my skill bonuses. Sorry botu that. Made a noob mistake. ...2008.02.01 10:27:00
- Edited by: ry ry on 31/01/2008 14:27:27do you have advanced weapon upgrades trained? if not it's som ...2008.02.01 10:23:00
- Thanks ...2008.02.01 05:53:00
- Whats a good setup to have when trying to pve in a Rupture? Thanks in advance. ...2008.01.31 10:56:00
- Edited by: ry ry on 29/01/2008 19:52:14 Any good setup for a Rupture? Love the ruppy. t2 where you ...2008.01.31 10:51:00
- Any good setup for a Rupture? ...2008.01.29 19:36:00
- So waht about guns on a rupture? Oh and thanks for the quick replies. ...2008.01.29 19:13:00
- So autocannos are better then artillery cannons? ...2008.01.29 19:08:00
- What is a good setup for a rifter in pvp? ...2008.01.29 18:37:00

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