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- Seems to me the best solution for the future of this game is to make it Free-to-Play.New player star ...2011.06.29 20:43:00
- I noticed that new wallpapers aren't available for Incarna. Incursion was the last expansion to rel ...2011.06.28 18:40:00
- Broken ...2011.06.24 01:00:00
- *BUG* Hurricane Hardpoint LayoutThe placement of guns and launchers on the Hurricane hull isn't symm ...2011.06.22 06:17:00
- Excellent service. Within a few hours my application was processed and I had access to hundreds of ...2011.05.16 05:14:00
- Goons have more fun in this game than anybody else so the obvious solution is to have him join Goonw ...2011.04.12 21:57:00
- What purpose do races serve in real life?They get you those "complimentary" upgrades to first class. ...2011.02.01 03:19:00
- Based on the success of the new character creator, CCP needs to add a Champagne Room in Jita 4-4. T ...2011.01.29 01:07:00
- If the curtains and the carpet don't match, are you still a Ginger? ...2011.01.29 00:30:00
- Edited by: Fiona Blamont on 28/01/2011 05:27:47 At least they haven't messed up Tibus Heth yet.What ...2011.01.28 05:26:00
- Hello there. ...2011.01.27 07:39:00
- Judging the success of Incarna based on people appreciating the appearance of their avatar is a litt ...2011.01.24 20:31:00
- truncated content ...2010.07.30 21:41:00

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