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- I want my money back for that 5d free pass! oh wait.. :D ...2007.07.21 07:52:00
- Map is handy sometimes, but opening map takes long time, and you can't choose to NOT have it swirl a ...2007.04.29 07:03:00
- The differences in these games ain't that big.I haven't played it, so I don't really know.However, I ...2007.04.27 11:17:00
- Welcome to EVE :)You have just discovered the drug that keeps ppl playing this game. You want more a ...2007.04.27 06:49:00
- I wanted to choose elite, in honor of the game EVE bases on, but it was taken, so I just typed it in ...2007.04.26 17:42:00
- That said if you also fit the implants, you run a extremely low chance of recieving any penalty ever ...2007.04.25 14:41:00
- Edited by: 31i73 on 25/04/2007 11:23:10 color coded ecm modulesedit: heh too late :D ...2007.04.25 11:27:00
- My client crashes all the time :( Like it has a 5min timer or something.. No matter if I stay in sta ...2007.04.24 15:21:00
- I have to say there is not nearly enough TF sigs in here. ...2007.04.20 07:18:00
- In the future, would it be possible to have a list of ingame events that has been held? Complete wit ...2007.04.18 08:48:00
- Proof or speculation? I explained this 2 times already, I think. Read the whole thread and you'll ...2007.04.17 20:22:00
- To Clarify: BoB is hardly a 'super omfg cheater'. Let's compare.BoB has an illegal BPO (1 ship, and ...2007.04.15 14:45:00
- nobody has even proven bob knew what went onHow much more can you prove it? We have leaked BoD forum ...2007.04.13 12:10:00
- There are rather big differences between CCP's statements and the hilarious accusations of your frie ...2007.04.13 10:56:00
- Yea, it sound exciting like that, the truth is nobody can verify those "leaked" texts to be real a ...2007.04.13 08:24:00

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