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- Confirming that ctrl+click is borked. It's really borked, and should have been given cause to rollb ...2011.02.26 04:30:00
- Please F'ing fix the bugged indestructible logged-out perma-capsules already. Fix your object creat ...2011.01.27 19:54:00
- Edited by: Medarr on 26/01/2011 20:22:29 Edited by: Medarr on 26/01/2011 20:15:15 I think you can ...2011.01.26 23:37:00
- The encryption portion of SSL does not create a performance issue with most phones. The problem CCP ...2011.01.26 18:41:00
- Edited by: FullNelson Mandella on 22/12/2010 18:49:44 @OPCCP is aware of the issue but has not yet ...2010.12.22 18:49:00
- The position of objects displayed on your overview has little to do with the position of objects in ...2010.12.21 14:38:00
- CCP is aware of this issue, but has not yet acknowledged or commented. I would recommend that you p ...2010.12.20 19:53:00
- Just saying that the UI is a problem without stating 'what the problem is all about' makes not muc ...2010.07.27 03:20:00
- Superb and well thought idea, not overpowered and has a nice balanced feel to it.Anyone against this ...2010.07.26 02:49:00
- It takes me all of three seconds to do the few clicks required to stop training. Is this really too ...2010.07.26 01:34:00
- Starting PVP.I am interested in trying PVP some time soon. I only have caldari skills, and am heavil ...2010.07.20 06:19:00
- All I can say is don't fly them as mini-vaga's or interceptors/assault frigs. They're interdictors a ...2010.07.17 20:33:00
- CCP is well aware of the "mystery logonski" bug. We've had people lose ships (in space) that have b ...2010.07.08 19:41:00
- Howdy CCP,Do you gents need a hand? I propose that you create a forum in which you could ask techni ...2010.06.24 16:31:00
- The overview-rollup issue is getting really really really old.I mean, seriously, enough already. Ju ...2010.05.28 00:55:00

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