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- Honestly, I was really hoping they would have brought the exact same setup as each other and let it ...2011.06.19 23:57:00
- Maybe if those other teams in the tournament won their matches then the very last match wouldn't hav ...2011.06.19 23:50:00
- I am still of the opinion that the amount of points awarded to The RONIN is incorrect given the rule ...2011.06.06 15:31:00
- While the tie for 28 seems to make sense and follow the rules how can you justify the number of poin ...2011.06.06 07:06:00
- Though now you have no way of getting kill missions if you are KOS with the Caldari. Also there is ...2011.05.20 04:39:00
- Great. So again CCP ignored warning from us Users.And you guys are wondering why nobody is helping ...2011.05.20 03:00:00
- Edited by: Evilan Altana on 19/05/2011 00:28:21 When you say you started warp and began to accelera ...2011.05.19 00:28:00
- Yeah, the item database is horrible, times in there are all a result of being labeled in millisecond ...2011.05.07 05:10:00
- On my nyx it doesn't do that and my freinds all say it doesn't work. WHY DOES IT SAY THAT THEN?You s ...2011.05.07 04:36:00
- so eve-sector instead of EVE Files why?Because this site requires registration and char name informa ...2011.05.07 04:28:00
- As someone that has donated PLEXes in the past for at least 2 of these drives, I have a question.Is ...2011.05.04 03:34:00
- Edited by: Evilan Altana on 28/04/2011 19:41:28 Edited by: Evilan Altana on 28/04/2011 19:38:28 As ...2011.04.28 19:37:00
- You won't be able to petition to have the corp itself back, even if the accounts were inactive there ...2011.04.21 05:24:00
- It is your forum to game time ratio, I suggest you immediately stop posting on the forums and only s ...2011.04.15 02:28:00
- Edited by: Axemaster on 15/04/2011 00:56:02Huh. Interesting how the best ships were thrown out the w ...2011.04.15 02:19:00

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