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- It should have been this way since the introduction of the "item"Also too many simpletons and trolls ...2010.07.09 23:15:00
- ...64 blades is too round number (IT round) to be ignored. Perhaps cluster is at infrastructure limi ...2010.06.16 16:52:00
- you should research where the tag is dropped and focus your efforts there. ...2009.09.10 17:58:00
- yeah, using an alt seems shady, why hide as having a good idea is nothing to be ashamed of...unless ...2009.09.06 05:09:00
- Impressive post. My first contribution was to report the three (3) trolling posts. Doesn't necessari ...2009.09.05 23:18:00
- what is the method being used to track shareholders?for some reason I thought it was in-game shares. ...2009.09.02 19:16:00
- Edited by: glas mir on 02/09/2009 18:40:26 in that case, WTB legion fit that doesn't suck. 1M isk ...2009.09.02 18:40:00
- I think to make this viable. 120% collateral of market value of ship and modules posted with a thir ...2009.09.02 18:24:00
- most skill books are sold by NPC at certain stations, often there is a market to move these the few ...2009.09.02 06:27:00
- according to the graph, the datacores have been cheap for about two months.not sure why that says th ...2009.09.01 05:41:00
- Are there trading corps? And if so what would you have to do to get in one and how do they operate?I ...2009.09.01 05:38:00
- I should add that depending how the current situation plays out, I may add Ray to that list. ...2009.09.01 05:32:00
- Edited by: glas mir on 01/09/2009 05:29:20Sorry Selene and LVV but you have to share some responsibi ...2009.09.01 05:29:00
- make sure what you trade in actually sells, that is that it has some volume. just because the cheap ...2009.08.28 04:08:00
- The question is; How much isk do u have frozen in there atm?I'll start: ~11b =( 3 years of hard wor ...2009.08.27 23:10:00

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