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- it really doesn't surprise me considering ccps attitude towards its player base, they really don't p ...2011.09.01 11:01:00
- I'll start you off at 3b ...2011.08.23 17:25:00
- So umm yea, when do we get our ship hanger back? ...2011.08.19 12:35:00
- Minimum 16 bil probably more towards a figure in the 20's. ...2011.08.08 17:45:00
- Edited by: Dratic on 18/07/2011 19:47:45 A mere chimera class carrier loss to the megacorporations ...2011.07.18 19:47:00
- Plex for transfers has been in for a while and despite being more expensive its allowed alot more pe ...2011.07.09 16:28:00
- Just interested what things such as stored ship fittings people would pay aurum for? ...2011.06.24 18:06:00
- The PR guy probably is between a rock and a hard place the problem stems from their long term corpor ...2011.06.23 13:04:00
- I really want to see what CCP says about this. Another NGE on the way, i just can't see their pride ...2011.06.23 08:42:00
- x. it uses way too much resources for something games like deus ex have done much better years ago. ...2011.06.22 18:44:00
- Incarna coming June 21th. This is a lie. Incarna is supposed to be an expansion with which we can ...2011.06.17 11:50:00
- This game has been going downhill for a while guess ppl didn't get the memo. ...2011.05.30 15:58:00
- Nice first vid and thanks for putting it on youtube. ...2011.05.04 11:17:00
- Good luck finding that corp. Rare enough to come by. ...2011.04.29 11:01:00
- Sorry i ended up buying another character. good luck with your sale ...2011.02.06 20:37:00

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