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- What is GTC ? ...2008.02.22 17:47:00
- Hi, Help me understand please about suicide ganking in high sec. How can it possibly be such a treat ...2008.02.07 18:16:00
- Hi, I am a new player and the only time i left secure space, i went boum when leaving a gate by a gu ...2008.02.06 20:05:00
- I am a Thorax pilot who was skilling slowly for the Deimos. Not anymore. No logic here at all. This ...2008.02.04 23:05:00
- May sound stupid to ask, but please tell the utility of having tractor beams for salvaging ?Thanks ...2008.02.02 17:17:00
- Edited by: Marramin on 02/02/2008 08:10:07 good deal once the buy offers come back What in the wor ...2008.02.02 08:07:00
- Thanks for your input, i will wait and see what happens.Good day,Bob ...2008.02.01 23:34:00
- Let's say that they desighed the game to addict players. Even if you dont want to play for a month, ...2007.12.11 17:29:00

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