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- I was suitable impressed with the maelstrom at level 4 so i train the mimmie BS skill to 5, put this ...2011.09.01 16:37:00
- Expanded Cargo Holds ...2011.08.14 18:17:00
- I'm the 7th alt of 3 accounts, the other 8 alts are industrail skilled with extensive pos set ups bl ...2011.07.31 15:19:00
- So we can NOT sell aurum for isk that sucks ...2011.07.31 11:06:00
- What ever floats your boat darling We all do things for the odd billion isk a month not thats its gr ...2011.07.20 20:44:00
- 5. Crap coding creating cpu and ram over load. ...2011.07.20 16:32:00
- Who are you Oh wait i'll browse metoffice weather site for some entertainment. ...2011.07.09 07:40:00
- You might want tp pilot a marauder e.g the vaguar Good ship.I use to fly the maelstrom with L5 Bs w ...2011.06.29 17:59:00
- Edited by: Yith Za''bolazhi on 23/06/2011 20:54:17 You will NOT be missed... & No i don't want you ...2011.06.23 20:54:00
- For your sin's off slag heaps of melted ram to smouldering cpu and burnt out cooling systems to the ...2011.06.23 18:45:00
- Ok, I know most people don't do this but here is my situation. I run a lrg amarr tower. In this towe ...2011.06.07 17:57:00
- Mmm tough question I would self destruct my own pod and present my own frozern biomass to them so th ...2011.04.10 11:28:00
- Why or why do poeple have to necro these disfunctional forum threads. ...2011.04.07 11:20:00
- truncated content ...2011.04.07 08:48:00
- Looks good, i'm itching to get back online to add some metal in meh face 'n' tatoo and stuff ...2011.04.06 11:51:00

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