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- If you use cruise missiles, train it to level 5.Even if you don't use tech 2 ammo, you still get the ...2011.09.05 13:09:00
- Just to make sure: Agents are of static level. Agent that offers level 1 missions will never offer l ...2011.09.04 17:10:00
- The server hamsters didn't like this idea at all. Currently the server gets the commands we issue ev ...2011.09.02 17:32:00
- The problem with loading guns in station got worse.If I empty the grouped guns and reload by draggin ...2011.09.01 19:29:00
- There's also the fact that you'd have near-invulnerable transports that are able to avoid gatecamps. ...2011.08.25 07:35:00
- Will there be any changes to high sec or low sec PvE and if yes, what?Mentioning these would give a ...2011.08.15 17:11:00
- Keras Authion,8,9,14,15,31,32,45,61,123,139Also please clean up the list for the next crowdsourcing. ...2011.07.27 09:46:00
- Supported.It's annoying to have control target something except when it doesn't and alt disorients i ...2011.07.25 18:03:00
- The reason for not accepting steam keys was (iirc):People abused the system when steam had a sale fo ...2011.07.11 14:46:00
- Just got my 6 BPOs back at specified levels. Nice and fast service. ...2011.07.10 06:49:00
- Not this topic again.Problem - Attributes become meaningless. You will learn anything at maximum spe ...2011.07.08 08:49:00
- This is pretty much how I feel about this mess. You have my +1.The only thing I'd consider adding is ...2011.06.27 16:03:00
- Catnarok.An alternative model to Ragnarok. It has cat ears and goes meow instead of boom when it sho ...2011.06.27 15:28:00
- If there's a faction or corp war, and one player pumps unlimited funds into buying fleets of supersh ...2011.06.27 07:51:00
- Thanks for the blog, it might calm the lynch mob down a bit.However 1) It was still put in words tha ...2011.06.26 20:15:00

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