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- Heh.. my corp just discussed that today... we want that too! ;)You got my vote! ...2004.04.21 23:50:00
- I have ref eff 5 and processing skills at 4 and also get waste.This is supposedly due to station ref ...2004.04.15 06:37:00
- *bump* ...2004.04.02 12:11:00
- Cmon people.. atleast read my post ...2004.04.02 07:49:00
- How about a "Reload all"-feature for hybrid, projectile and missile weapons? It's painful to right ...2004.04.01 23:47:00
- Yeah like in Homeworld 2 ;)But when chaining NPC pirates, that would leave ALOT of scrap metal layin ...2004.04.01 23:29:00
- This is something i really would like.I would like the different standingcolors to be visible in cha ...2004.04.01 22:45:00
- Yeah.. it would be nice to group drones and launch a group at once. I have also requested drone sta ...2004.02.21 19:00:00
- It would be really nice to have a "Reload All" option somewhere to reload all guns that require ammo ...2004.02.21 14:59:00
- Edited by: Doriam Gaulith on 18/01/2004 16:01:14 Many seem to have problems with this. To switch s ...2004.01.18 15:59:00
- Yeah.. but i can understand if that is a little more complicated to implement in regards of security ...2004.01.17 20:14:00
- Do the devs ever read this forum? ...2004.01.16 15:37:00
- Yeah.. i would also really appreciate a Linux version. And yes.. the hardest thing would probably b ...2004.01.13 23:31:00
- What i mean is... that you could download your skilltre as an XML-file. That way you could make scri ...2004.01.12 15:51:00
- anyone? ...2004.01.11 02:46:00

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