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- I thought it was lovely, 5 STARZ!!!! ...2007.03.02 18:08:00
- I'll never understand why people haul BPOs in indys. However, I will always love it :) ...2007.02.22 18:23:00
- That's no moon!IT'S A BATTLESTATION! ...2007.02.08 22:16:00
- I guess my solution will be to avoid all those regions. ...2007.01.29 20:17:00
- lol thats a fantastic idea ...2007.01.29 16:16:00
- Famine: Thanks you for some very cool information and about 0.0 PiracyTo the OP: Low Sec Belt Piracy ...2007.01.29 15:35:00
- Maybe you need to fit up some rails if he's keeping so much range from you. Not my favorite on a Bru ...2007.01.24 20:25:00
- If you want to become an anti-pirate, I suggest you try pirating for a few months at least. If you w ...2007.01.24 20:23:00
- Haha, except your buddy who lost 300m worth of ships and bpo in his bay lol. I imagine he felt safe ...2007.01.24 15:11:00
- Frigs are nice and all to start with. But I found simply they don't have the DPS to really be too ef ...2007.01.24 15:08:00
- Today I was using an alt in a Drake gate camping. I had an active tank setup that was pretty ganky f ...2007.01.23 18:59:00
- an anti-pirate is just a pirate who thinks they're better than you and smacks in local.lmao ain't th ...2007.01.16 18:26:00
- Strip miners are the belt pirates payday. Gotta love Solitude miners who think their alliance can pr ...2007.01.16 18:23:00
- Just curious, what do you guys call "good" DPS? Because I'm not seeing how you can kill much with th ...2007.01.15 18:19:00
- lol yeah you gotta be in total live with the ship to fit it like that ...2007.01.15 18:14:00

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