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- Thanks for all the replies :) Sorry for not responding in such a long time, I don't keep my account ...2010.11.08 18:17:00
- Which miner flies the refined minerals to each of the markets only to get the last ISK out of mining ...2010.08.14 12:15:00
- I support this thread! Please, also tell me where you mine, so I can send some skilled people to gu ...2010.06.21 19:13:00
- Pyramid Quoting Is Not Allowed Pyramid quoting (quoting more than 4 people recursively) is not a ...2010.06.20 21:20:00
- If they host it on Youtube only, it should reduce the overall costs drastically.Would love to see EV ...2010.06.20 20:30:00
- Edited by: Cerlestes on 20/06/2010 17:23:52It's probably a dev-post :) ...2010.06.20 17:12:00
- Cerlestes likes this thread. ...2010.06.20 15:54:00
- not flaming this time ;D I see what u did thar. ...2010.06.20 15:21:00
- truncated content ...2010.06.20 11:44:00
- Edited by: Cerlestes on 19/06/2010 23:02:47God this sucks.Sorry for my harsh words But this isn't a ...2010.06.19 23:01:00
- But seriously, its not a bad idea really, given scorches awesomeness. I used to field Listhars in F ...2010.06.19 19:22:00
- Whoa you mad ...2010.06.19 19:00:00
- *snip* A very naughty word removed. Shadow miracles. ...2010.06.19 18:27:00
- Haha, I thought the same :D He was literally staring like: O_O ...2010.06.19 16:37:00
- I don't see any of these losses on the Northern Coalition kill board. Wasn't this the very kill boa ...2010.06.17 16:14:00

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