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- To be honest, I really hope they prenerved PI, as they did with so many other things. The possible ...2010.07.29 15:25:00
- I am merely accusing you of making claims without facts to support them.Problem is, both sides are d ...2010.07.29 15:09:00
- Times sinks are bad.I am currently in at about 1.3 million in learnings, 4/5 everything, mostly 4. I ...2010.07.28 12:49:00
- Strangely enoguh I mine a lot more water on a storm planet than on an oceanic one... ... ...2010.07.27 18:28:00
- Very similar to my idea of a master / slave system where the slaves would always perform the actions ...2010.07.27 17:00:00
- Welcome back!I was missing you guys. I got my first podding with my first char from you guys. It has ...2010.02.26 17:05:00
- Edited by: Thoran Karlien on 26/02/2010 10:04:21 Can you point me to the said passage of reimbursem ...2010.02.26 10:02:00
- The tip with the faction ship isn't too bad. But I can give you professional information how aggress ...2010.02.26 09:35:00
- It will be reversed in full, the rules are crystal clear on this point.Call me a noob, but why shoul ...2010.02.26 09:23:00
- So, I travelled my butt out to X-7OM again. See what's shaking. And on my way managed to get several ...2009.08.20 16:06:00
- TL;DR: MissCeo has left her position as CEO and founder of her corporation...and seems rather cheery ...2009.08.20 14:54:00
- Obviously one of the new guys fit it...but...if you're going to accept true new folks who have no ...2009.08.18 13:14:00
- Edited by: Thoran Karlien on 17/08/2009 18:07:16 Hm...there are a few suspicious kills on there out ...2009.08.17 18:03:00
- As I joined Zedrik's corp for this wardec, and perhaps some more after this one, I took interest in ...2009.08.17 16:47:00
- Am I the only one bothering to name shuttles?My shuttles are always called 'Empty'they are and I sti ...2009.05.13 21:49:00

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