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- <sigh> Remove ice from Empire, but allow high-sec posses (only) to pay a flat fuel fee (in ISK) to ...2011.08.25 04:27:00
- If players are to 'hide' you will have to expand the workable size of the solar systems. Have you g ...2011.08.16 05:00:00
- Would love the ability to have items in jetcans already pre-selected (so the whole group can be move ...2011.02.11 14:14:00
- Supported. ...2011.02.08 03:41:00
- OP has a point. To make things interesting, I think the lumps of ice and rock should move. And do ...2011.01.29 08:12:00
- My parents were cheap, so instead of the C64, I ended up with the Vic20. I would have loved that. ...2011.01.29 08:03:00
- Any bets whether CCP will force characters without shirts to equip one before Incarna? ...2011.01.27 08:26:00
- With any change someone, somewhere, takes a hit. I too spent hours spinning ships waiting for train ...2010.11.25 16:34:00
- I really like the Navy Domi, but dislike the damage output of rails. I've found this setup (with a ...2010.10.04 04:14:00
- Not sure if it's funny or sad that, while viewing the OP's pic, I attempted to spin the ship to get ...2010.08.09 02:47:00
- Insane numbers of AB/MWD's dropping. And I haven't seen a single rolled tungsten armor drop since t ...2010.07.27 02:54:00
- Open up further. Let us help you make EVE what it ought to be. Obviously, you'll need to regulate th ...2010.07.18 01:03:00
- Edited by: Plutonian on 16/07/2010 20:36:06 Thank you for the response CCP Zulu. (edit: and CCP Exp ...2010.07.16 20:35:00
- Dear CCP*,I regret to inform you that, after witnessing the manner in which you maintain Eve Online, ...2010.07.13 05:00:00
- You must be new here. The issues you're complaining about exist for a specific reason. You see... ...2010.06.13 05:16:00

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