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- Nice vid! Really liked the music and the wolf footage in the beginning. ...2010.11.09 11:05:00
- If those fights were not worth a vid all I've ever released is poo. Seriously, it's great - release ...2010.10.28 14:50:00
- Very nice Red - you fly a good 'sader. ...2010.10.25 16:18:00
- Redrector vid -> downloading. ...2010.10.25 12:49:00
- The OP is evidently looking for an ASCII-art version of the Goonswarm logo. Probably the goonswarm f ...2010.10.22 07:08:00
- While I think this is a decent video with a few good fights, I also think it's a good example of why ...2010.10.20 11:18:00
- Nice to see pvp vids picking up again. Downloading - your previous efforts were solid, if I remember ...2010.10.20 07:21:00
- Great vid - the cruiser footage wasn't out of place either. I would suggest you learn to use a good ...2010.10.19 15:33:00
- Supported, though I have a few gripes with the proposal. 1) If the station wrecks are permanent fixt ...2010.10.17 09:49:00
- And if it's true that CTRL- clicking also *unlocks* targets(devblog said "toggle" so it must be) i ...2010.10.15 08:18:00
- Very, very nice Fmerc. Maybe I just don't remember KQ1 very well, but I think your editing here is a ...2010.10.14 15:25:00
- Not promising anything, but the entire Club Bear roster may or may not have just reactivated and are ...2010.10.13 16:49:00
- This should have been in the game a long time ago. ...2010.10.05 10:42:00
- Nice vid, though not the brawling I had hoped to see from the SFI. ...2010.10.04 21:11:00
- Intigo right on the mark with regard to the ships stats - it's horrible. I'm pretty sure the ship ha ...2010.09.21 17:39:00

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