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- NOIf I pay a monthly fee, this should pay for all that can be had in the game. If microtransactions ...2010.10.07 19:09:00
- Interesting development. Issues that could be useful to think about: 1. Impact of artificial imperf ...2007.06.30 08:43:00
- Would be difficult to avoid corp members declaring vendetta after each other on the same player = e ...2004.09.09 14:09:00
- I don't have a problem with the need/possibility to specialize. It's also OK that deep specializatio ...2004.08.19 12:07:00
- Player stations come shiva will be a big help to starting to control space. I think a few things wil ...2004.01.03 14:24:00
- So -- the solution for too many people staying in high-security space is to reduce high-sec further ...2004.01.02 13:53:00
- People stay where they have secure stations and where advanced manufacture (ships, research, higher- ...2004.01.01 09:22:00
- Edited by: Wylaf Umberg on 01/01/2004 09:05:27 Why not make stations vulnerable but heavily npc pro ...2004.01.01 08:56:00
- Of course, time and experience will tell how the whole Castor patch will work out. Still, to me it s ...2003.12.15 15:22:00

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