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- They respond to agression....think about what that actually means before you claim it's an advanta ...2007.09.15 19:31:00
- yeah .. finally u admiting you whining because u got OWNED and u had to win to come to the forums ...2007.09.15 19:12:00
- All of these april fools threads are horrendously ******ed and i hope anyone who made one dies in a ...2007.04.02 07:54:00
- At the cost of a Titan There was no titan do know that there was a titan 3 days fro ...2007.03.29 23:25:00
- For all of those asking how the coalition knew what was in the array, how about the big ****ing time ...2007.03.29 22:20:00
- The best part of the thread is all the ex-LV and BoB Allies pounding their feet and whining on the f ...2007.03.13 11:09:00
- wow, that sure is a post alright! congrats!i highly doubt anyone on the *snip* wants to be 'the good ...2007.03.07 00:48:00
- Stuff. ...2007.03.03 11:38:00
- Seriously, I cant believe some people are complaining about this war that has seen more epic battles ...2007.02.17 23:17:00

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