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- I often sell the large guns that I pick up in mission loot. I sell these to sell orders and know i c ...2009.09.09 12:10:00
- ^^^ exactly what he said. ...2009.09.07 10:54:00
- Edited by: Elenos on 06/09/2009 11:13:29 I would try Game, PCworld and even have a look at a superm ...2009.09.06 11:12:00
- Hey Lucky can you let us know in game when you have an ORCA and an OBELISK bpc set available.Cheers ...2009.09.03 15:20:00
- I'd like to give my support to this as well :) ...2009.09.03 09:46:00
- Mission Statement- This corporation exists to provide secure supercapital parking to any customer ...2009.09.03 07:28:00
- Rofl good job :) ...2009.09.02 12:15:00
- Edited by: Super Whopper on 02/09/2009 11:31:20 This thread is not the ramblins of a carebear but a ...2009.09.02 12:12:00
- Now that we have got to this stage I do remember reading some elaborate EVE related scam where a guy ...2009.09.02 10:23:00
- Being on first name terms IRL with someone who has a trillion in game currency is a strong position ...2009.09.02 09:17:00
- ISK Sent ...2009.08.18 18:15:00
- I was happily mining away last night until some guy in a Vexor showed up. He was basically flipping ...2009.08.11 08:44:00
- My crop mates have been talking about this recently. They used to manage lvl 4's in a cyclone and a ...2009.08.10 13:05:00
- 1 ticket please ...2009.08.06 18:48:00
- Elenos, you should do some research before you start questioning possibly the most trusted corp and ...2009.08.06 18:45:00

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