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- Not sure if this is within your scope, but when motherships got changed to supercarriers, the Hel go ...2011.03.05 13:25:00
- The real masterplan is the fact that during downtime, the patchnotes page is not available; therefor ...2011.01.14 16:46:00
- No storefronts? ...2010.12.28 17:50:00
- I didn't check it on Sisi prior to launch, so we am I to point this out now...... but why couldn't t ...2010.11.30 19:04:00
- I will purchase shares for 100k if you want your isk sooner than december. Dividends will start soo ...2010.09.20 16:43:00
- Edited by: El''essar Viocragh on 18/09/2010 00:25:58 After consulting with my crystal ball, I see a ...2010.09.18 00:20:00
- I love how you bunch of ***gots always keep focusing on who lost something, instead of how that some ...2010.06.19 11:06:00
- The really funny thing is that this announcement sounds like there are L5 agents in 0.0 - which were ...2010.06.11 17:09:00
- Edited by: El''essar Viocragh on 04/06/2010 16:10:32 Ok.Contract will be up as soon as the third to ...2010.06.04 14:29:00
- Edited by: El''essar Viocragh on 04/06/2010 21:22:32 Edited by: El''essar Viocragh on 04/06/2010 16 ...2010.06.04 13:53:00
- Not sure if this was already mentioned, but:Small POS Sentries == Medium Ship Guns Medium POS Sentr ...2010.05.27 23:31:00
- hm sure? oracles database server and ibm's db2 are able to handle eve, and when eve was developed, t ...2010.03.27 16:25:00
- Because traditionally some british players think TQ runs their local time. ...2010.03.27 16:19:00
- @CCP: just remember, when in doubt about a security feature, always take the paranoid option. ...2010.03.23 17:52:00
- Edited by: El''essar Viocragh on 26/02/2010 16:19:03 (a) i'm paranoid (b) many scary stories flowi ...2010.02.26 16:18:00

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