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- I support this Product and or Service ...2011.02.27 23:22:00
- 100 Yarrs have I. Arrrrrrrrr! ...2010.11.26 19:32:00
- I can haz six tikits pls? ...2010.07.17 15:45:00
- bonus to salvage cycle, bonus to tractor range/speed, 6+ highs but only for tractor/salvagerT3 ships ...2010.07.01 21:19:00
- Agreed, good idea. Furthermore, I do find it a little disconcerting that the effects for things lik ...2010.07.01 21:10:00
- So, you've set up your planetary colony, and you're sitting back, watching those resources roll in. ...2010.07.01 21:00:00
- 12,345,678.90 isk sent...I for one hope T'Amber manages to raise all the cash for this. Given all t ...2010.06.19 19:03:00
- Guys chill and give them a break, it's not like they have a test server to try these things out on b ...2010.05.26 18:53:00
- OR We could all Turn on Channel AMC and watch STar Trek Nemesis while we wait, and stop crying Nah, ...2010.05.26 18:48:00
- Why isn't the server up yet? Please hurry CCP, my skill finishes training in 15 minutes!Oh dear, you ...2010.05.26 18:28:00
- hm when they said 18:00 UTC did they mentioned a specific date with it because it is 19:40 right now ...2010.05.26 17:42:00
- ccp is cruel You are currently trying to connect to the EVE server which is running version 154366. ...2010.05.26 17:24:00
- Vote T'Amber for Autarch!(1 iskie sent) ...2010.05.02 09:59:00
- So, T'Amber, how many votes can you fit in those chubby cheeks? ...2010.05.01 22:46:00
- hay, I just bought another five. A legitimate bump this time! ...2010.05.01 20:19:00

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