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- Pretty disappointing that it's taking so long to get the new QCs out. I too was under the impression ...2011.08.19 12:41:00
- Very cool. Please do more! ...2011.08.14 18:01:00
- I really hope this post doesn't get lost - I have a legitimate concern.I am NOT part of a 0.0 corp o ...2011.08.04 18:23:00
- Please tell me what you, the players, think about thisI think you're an idiot.I actually don't even ...2011.07.24 11:18:00
- ya it actually looks like that in game already from a third person perspectiveI'm don't think that's ...2011.07.22 00:29:00
- Out of interest, how would you prefer an exit warp to look?1) Like it is just now - slow and lurchin ...2011.07.22 00:15:00
- Edited by: Eugene Spencer on 20/07/2011 15:05:57 Here is the corp website I built...http://theroden ...2011.07.20 14:59:00
- What would be even better is if you could pay to block the forum access of people who post utterly m ...2011.07.11 11:52:00
- Considering you have only been playing since 2008, I very much doubt you have explored each and ever ...2011.07.09 19:16:00
- Awesome. Really liked it! I love this sort of thing - mooooaaaar!Only just listened to it today afte ...2011.07.09 00:25:00
- I agree with OP. It wouldn't make them unbalanced, it would make them awesome. ...2011.07.08 19:01:00
- “OH GOD… WHAT… IS HAPPENINGTO ME???” I screamed at the top of my voice – barely audible over the int ...2011.07.08 14:06:00
- Fukkin right I do. And I told them that. They laughed it off and cracked a few jokes. “To hell with ...2011.07.08 14:06:00
- Greetings Torothin, brother!I don't really know you but I thought I would post in this thread partly ...2011.07.08 14:05:00
- Idiot. ...2011.07.01 18:38:00

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