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- In my opinion this is taking all of the personality out of the interface. Why not just start calling ...2004.02.05 16:15:00
- Yes, you have to go into your prefs.ini remove the line that says NerfTarget=Tank CEO and that shoul ...2004.01.28 15:48:00
- I think the limit is there to keep the lag reasonable on this glorified "desktop" computer. If you ...2004.01.23 17:47:00
- Does seem silly that the 3D engine is used at all in the station. Eventually this mega-management i ...2004.01.23 17:45:00
- What I do is watch Traveler's Patch log. When he starts to not post on it, you know the code is fro ...2004.01.18 23:35:00
- Edited by: Domaru on 17/01/2004 22:50:29 Yes, anytime the gang window pops up (some one joins or le ...2004.01.17 22:48:00
- How about a "Please" in there ...2004.01.17 16:09:00
- My 9800 and the new drivers work very well with eve. However, I do CTD (like everyone else), but no ...2004.01.17 12:40:00
- Most of the time the splash screen is used by applications to show you something while they load som ...2004.01.15 14:11:00
- Would you have been upset if they had swooped in there while you were asleep and destroyed your BS f ...2004.01.13 14:49:00
- Anyone else get this message popup box like 4 to 15 times when you try to fit and active a turret or ...2004.01.11 16:41:00
- I would think anything that helps the more tedious tasks of the game is a good thing. Since travel ...2004.01.11 14:14:00
- Edited by: Domaru on 09/01/2004 22:33:09 Shiva will be offered as an expansion set you'll have to p ...2004.01.09 22:32:00
- JIP is fixed in Castor 1366. We are nearing code freeze on the next TQ hot fix patch. The patch will ...2004.01.09 22:16:00
- Edited by: Domaru on 09/01/2004 22:14:12 I don't mind the changes either. My only problem is the s ...2004.01.09 22:12:00

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