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- thanks for the links!does it actually matter where the titan is facing when firing the DDD? So would ...2009.12.12 12:48:00
- Are there any videos of the new DDDs in action? Only the amarrian one was made public right?What do ...2009.12.12 02:58:00
- why not always use it? so nerds like you have something to rage the op: d) i stopped runnin ...2009.12.03 16:24:00
- Edited by: no pants on 02/12/2009 02:28:26 Planets that face away from the sun are entirely black: ...2009.12.02 02:27:00
- Edited by: no pants on 01/12/2009 21:45:26 IT Onlining a jammer in a system they only had sov1 in.A ...2009.12.01 21:45:00
- 23 kB/Sec. Estimated Time Remaining 5:38:26 ...2009.12.01 19:18:00
- I agree. I would love an expansion that confronts "smaller" matters like the UI, bounty hunting and ...2009.11.30 21:12:00
- lol ...2009.11.27 19:21:00
- umm i just noticed that it's still blue when i start eve on my laptop.. so nevermind :)what wheels o ...2009.11.26 12:47:00
- It's all grey/silvery now. I was gone for a couple of weeks but i am sure that it was blueish before ...2009.11.26 12:18:00
- You could know, start the download and go to work for once. Or meet some friends or do ...2009.11.26 11:29:00
- Edited by: no pants on 25/11/2009 12:39:35 SUUUUPAAHHHDRAAAA***KEEEEEElol @ censoring *** ...2009.11.25 12:39:00
- Tech 3 modules ahve been slated for marchNo they havent. Tech 3 frigates were mentioned to be on the ...2009.11.25 12:24:00
- I found the way the guy in the Arachnophobia vid set up his overview to be pretty useful and aesthet ...2009.11.24 10:29:00
- Your post is dumbing down this forum for sure ...2009.11.23 16:23:00

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