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- Np, there'll be a republican president next time, we europeans can hate on him like usual.I'm hoping ...2011.05.05 16:08:00
- When you complain about charity you look like a jerk hole.I'm starting a charity to help Osama Bin L ...2011.05.05 16:01:00
- 8th Birthday T-Shirt. ...2011.05.05 14:29:00
- This thread is now about not knowing the difference between newb and noob and how long it takes a ne ...2011.05.05 10:58:00
- and the RMT companies couldn't compete with thatHow could that ever possibly occur? If you could no ...2011.05.05 10:52:00
- High PLEX prices are good for EVE and the fight against RMT. If you can't figure that out, you're a ...2011.05.05 09:02:00
- CCP Fallout plays the CSM Card. Gripping stuff. ...2011.05.04 13:55:00
- Maybe it would just be better if they left it alone for a few more years while they finish it. ...2011.05.04 13:05:00
- Edited by: Gavjack Bunk on 04/05/2011 15:48:44 Enough with the spamfest threads already.Please do n ...2011.05.04 12:33:00
- CCP Navigator is unhappy with PLEX spam threads.Perhaps in the future he could get CCP to stop start ...2011.05.04 12:24:00
- Do the A-Team change loyalty based on larger payments? NO!So why would people who are role playing ...2011.05.04 10:32:00
- They've decided to send them to America. Apart from closing the program completely I think they have ...2011.05.04 09:25:00
- We need PLEX for Biblebelt because they're going to need to buy a LOT of Humble Pie and bags of Shut ...2011.05.04 09:12:00
- The only thing I can say for sure... none of the 1s and 0s on CCP's storage devices gives a **** abo ...2011.05.03 20:20:00
- Too many cabbies, not enough passengers. ...2011.05.03 20:17:00

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