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- Janatheth,8,12,14,27,31,56,98 ...2011.07.25 01:03:00
- Came expecting to see new information; left disappointed. ...2011.06.24 21:09:00
- Below is the draft of new Incarna trailer stolen from CCP offices during the last Lulzsec attack. En ...2011.06.22 00:44:00
- You'd think people would be more positive about the pricing; at this rate, microtransactions will be ...2011.06.22 00:10:00
- This also worked for the Mac client. ...2010.12.17 23:47:00
- Janatheth,22,35,41,75,88,113,123,131,134,135 ...2010.11.24 13:17:00
- Not sure if this has been mentioned or not... Capacitor batteries show the ship's peak recharge inst ...2010.11.22 17:15:00
- Edited by: Deva Blackfire on 21/10/2010 21:55:49...With lazors its kinda different - scorch is alway ...2010.10.25 14:31:00
- ...In gratitude for your patience, we will give an extra pool of skillpoints to all accounts... Gen ...2010.06.24 16:53:00
- 1. Is there any way to change the calendar to show the week in a normal fashion i.e. Sunday is the f ...2010.06.07 21:16:00
- ...when the next generation of space based MMORPG are released.You mean games such as STO?I lol'd. ...2010.06.04 14:52:00
- ... Of course it can never be 100% accurate, but that does not mean that you should use an absolute ...2010.05.07 14:59:00
- A killboard will never accurately show you the entirety of a fight. It's not a deficiency of the alg ...2010.05.07 14:27:00
- Very interesting points brought up, thanks guys. Also, that external link article is very good so th ...2010.04.29 16:55:00
- A lot of people talk about how to get rid of the blob, and this is my take on it.Human nature wants ...2010.04.29 14:34:00

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