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- But just in case, remember, down the street, not across the highway.Oh so true... ...2011.04.19 15:29:00
- Tarigal, you speak about passive income...unless you found a system I don't know about it still take ...2011.04.19 15:16:00
- What would you guys say is the min. SP needed to life in a large wormhole and be productive? ...2011.04.01 13:45:00
- Well about a 26 man fleet and no they would not know upon name recognition the FC. It is purely base ...2010.09.07 22:55:00
- When setting up a Fleet as a general rule it is best for the FC and his second in command to fly in ...2010.09.07 22:22:00
- w00t last night got my first action as a tackler in PVP and got ot hold down a Goon vagabond down wh ...2010.07.07 20:29:00

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