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- 9 b/o no time like the present. When is it ready for transfer ? Please reply here.Accepted, charac ...2010.04.14 22:41:00
- Up we go, was going to post a Haiku but I am still unsure what the hell they are. ...2010.04.11 05:40:00
- Hey. I'm interred in your toon.let me do some stuff and I might be able to buy it for 9 billionIt be ...2010.04.10 23:34:00
- Working linky to the skills.Your link has http://http// at the start thus doesn't work. ...2010.04.10 16:44:00
- Edited by: Lord Windu on 10/04/2010 15:59:25Highest price I was offered was 8.5 billion, I now have ...2010.04.10 15:59:00
- Edited by: Lord Windu on 14/04/2010 23:26:54 Skill-points - 28,756,448Attributes Remap Available P ...2010.04.09 02:30:00
- Edited by: Lord Windu on 02/04/2010 14:12:31 Cool, although the 50/50 drop rate is kind of nasty, f ...2010.04.02 14:12:00
- Looked up the word Tentative and realised my last post was pretty pointless "hurr durr". Anyway back ...2010.04.02 13:57:00
- Tentative 9B b/o. Just gotta sell my current char.You bid on another character within an hour of you ...2010.03.31 22:49:00
- Daily Bump. ...2010.03.31 18:53:00
- Price is higher than your budget but here is a link to my sale if your budget was to change. ...2010.03.31 15:42:00
- Was the guy impersonating Grendell though or is it just a coincidence? I mean yeah it looks like it ...2010.02.26 02:26:00
- You need 4.0 or higher standings with the systems owning faction to put a POS in that system. You do ...2010.02.25 22:59:00
- You have the title as a WTS, but in your opening post it says auction. And you don't have a finishin ...2010.02.25 17:27:00
- Make it 9 billion and it's a deal.8.5 B ISK is my final offer. Your character sure has well specced ...2010.02.25 15:52:00

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