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- NOW THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!How can you even say they are easy? SO i have read the eve-survival sit ...2009.02.17 23:34:00
- If you want fast progress go this way. As for the idea: NO! ...2009.01.28 14:14:00
- When I log out of the game, am I still shown in local or guests tab? Also, how to log out safely in ...2008.12.13 02:44:00
- Edited by: Keiretsu Destroyer on 13/12/2008 02:11:46 BTW, isnt Rens an area that pirate gatecampers ...2008.12.13 02:11:00
- "To hell with all this" ...2008.10.23 01:30:00
- Edited by: Keiretsu Destroyer on 22/10/2008 00:33:16...sending money to a ghost? easy there, cowboy ...2008.10.22 00:32:00
- New ships?I Like all the content that is being upgraded so far but I actually would really like to s ...2008.10.16 16:15:00
- you didn't see this ...2008.10.14 11:28:00
- its part of passive tanking.The recharge rate stays constant while the hitpoints recharged increases ...2008.10.13 10:33:00
- Suppose I have 10000 shield HPs and Shield Recharge Rate of 500 sec. If I fit a shield extender, the ...2008.10.13 10:07:00
- heh.. already doing it... producing Nemesis BPCs, but wondered is there any way to invent t2 bpo som ...2008.10.07 03:50:00
- Edited by: Keiretsu Destroyer on 07/10/2008 03:37:12 Simply, how can I get t2 BPOs without buying/l ...2008.10.07 03:36:00
- A ship without WCS's has a warp strength of 1 (some special ships have a strength of 2; this is list ...2008.09.13 03:30:00
- Edited by: Keiretsu Destroyer on 13/09/2008 02:44:11 Assuming that the points of multiple fitted WC ...2008.09.13 02:43:00
- I was at Luminaire a few days ago, and there's still a Leviathan titan standing. It was a part of a ...2008.09.03 00:25:00

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