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- Some nice fixes/changes. Good work CCP. ...2011.02.14 18:01:00
- Supported. ...2011.02.13 23:41:00
- To be deployed on January 28, 2011 Fixed an issue where "pilot has no standing" was missing from t ...2011.01.27 21:48:00
- So CCP, will you fix the neut background and fleet bonuses issues next patch? Feedback please. ...2011.01.27 19:14:00
- With Takeshi's solution I get tags but still no color background for neuts. CCP, if it's not broken ...2011.01.27 15:24:00
- still colorless neuts? oh cmon ccp please fix this thing, thats a very important thing if u live in ...2011.01.27 13:41:00

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