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- Its fairly obvious that this is yet another update which has been rush released before it works. Any ...2011.09.01 18:51:00
- not so much ingame but still an issue since the update, EveGate no longer works.Can you be more spec ...2011.09.01 16:36:00
- not so much ingame but still an issue since the update, EveGate no longer works. ...2011.09.01 15:58:00
- Like someone else said my mining cycle don,t deactavate if i stop it before full cycle this sux. ...2011.04.06 19:46:00
- Damn... missed some time when I did that... oops!hmm your good with figures, you didnt write the RNG ...2011.03.16 12:27:00
- Ive only noticed this since todays DT. Anything related to moving items is lagging like hell. Drag/D ...2010.12.19 12:02:00
- I think all this rabble rabble was for naught, brotatoslogged in to see that i have two remaps avail ...2010.12.16 20:27:00
- Accepting with an alt that isnt going to be delivering it will cut down the chance of a set-up gank. ...2010.11.28 11:44:00
- Looks like someone got caught with the latest Tengu container scam. ...2010.11.21 10:02:00
- I think if they're fixing an exploit they're not going to reveal it before they fix it!"Fixing an ex ...2010.11.12 17:31:00
- Really why is it so important, but yet we cant know? Why so secretive?1 reason would be an exploit ...2010.11.12 17:19:00
- Friends in other countries sending items to the UK can still result in the person at this end gettin ...2010.10.20 15:42:00
- esc / general settings (middle column at the bottom i would hope) ...2010.10.14 17:46:00
- patch is available when you log in, press esc and goto general settings. ...2010.10.07 22:20:00
- Hmm, this is a new one for me.I have 2 accounts which use the same client, both had problems with th ...2010.10.07 22:17:00

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