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- Isk received, transfer beginning, thank you! ...2011.03.27 16:25:00
- Sadly, the first poster grabbed her, I owe it to him to allow him to complete the transaction. Thank ...2011.03.27 16:03:00
- Alright! Never sold a character before, so bear with my stupidity, hehe. ...2011.03.27 15:56:00
- 2.5b for this character. Positive wallet & sec status, no assets, no standings worth mention. Good s ...2011.03.27 15:18:00
- Received an agreeable offer, waiting for confirmation in this thread. ...2011.03.26 14:14:00
- Test ...2011.03.26 14:06:00
- Bump, listening to offers, character is up for sale. ...2011.03.25 18:00:00
- Hello.Will be selling, well, myself, but would like to price check first please?LinkageT2 small/med/ ...2011.03.24 01:33:00
- I wasnt sure where to put this, so here it goes.Any one know if there will ever be more bloodlines a ...2010.11.13 05:01:00
- Edited by: RockerTerri on 31/07/2010 22:09:25 I like Nile, I just cannot get around those vocals; t ...2010.07.31 22:09:00
- apologies, I guess it would be reaction blueprints, in which case I would guess theyre reusable just ...2010.07.16 00:24:00
- I dont know if they behave like blueprints or not; reactions, as in the things you install in a POS, ...2010.07.15 23:43:00
- Hey folks. Dumb question, and I would think they would have to be, but are reactions reusable, or do ...2010.07.15 23:33:00

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