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- Edited by: Bronson Hughes on 20/05/2010 17:56:36 I don't have a problem with the tier system per se ...2010.05.20 17:51:00
- This is off the wall, but it's what I do:Ship 1 is a vanilla cruise Raven that's as ganky as I can m ...2010.05.20 17:10:00
- Just because the OP asked about caps and supercaps, not carriers and supercarriers, I'll go ahead an ...2010.05.13 01:06:00
- imo capital energy neuttralizer for teh win!I know many carrier pilots who would like to see such a ...2010.05.06 11:22:00
- so I'd rather have the flexibility to deal with everything Do you also fit your BS with small gun ...2010.05.06 11:12:00
- Edited by: Bronson Hughes on 06/05/2010 11:13:10 Thanatos: 5% fighter damage per level Nidhoggur: ...2010.05.06 10:53:00
- Would i be at a higher advantage to fly a nano kitsune instead? Rattlesnake? How would I engage w ...2010.04.28 18:39:00
- Keep in mind that 'Local as Intel' is just as useful to the people trying to hunt down 'ratters as i ...2010.04.28 15:52:00
- What you're seeing is the native resists for shields/armor combined with the T2/3 resists for differ ...2010.04.28 13:47:00
- Ah, so to use ThaMa Gebir's example...---------------If I warp from to , and is in the warp path ...2010.04.27 16:59:00
- HACs are generally superior to BCs in situations that rely on range and/or mobility to dictate the t ...2010.04.27 16:13:00
- If by 'underpowered' you mean 'lacking in powergrid', yes the OP is correct, at least with regards t ...2010.04.21 15:52:00
- Skex: I like your fit. I almost went with a passive setup like yours but once I decided to go with t ...2010.04.21 15:44:00
- Edited by: Bronson Hughes on 18/04/2010 18:12:47 Keep in mind though that a local tank (not resists ...2010.04.18 18:13:00
- Sok: This is that I've been playing around with for a shield-tanked Thanny, but I haven't had much o ...2010.04.18 16:28:00

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