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- 5 million work hours? EVE takes that many from me on a good day.Also anyone figure out how that is p ...2010.05.26 01:32:00
- Seifer. FF8.Fracker cut up my face then started a war I had to clean up. ...2010.05.23 01:52:00
- I saw a Caldari Scorpion pilot try hacking Nation forces, then you Gallente attacked him for the tec ...2010.05.22 12:14:00
- If this actually goes somewhere it will be awesome. ...2010.05.20 20:32:00
- So wait, you told CCP you wanted something in EVE, they added it, and you complain? ...2010.05.16 16:53:00
- I see the standards for becoming a pod pilot have again been lowered. ...2010.05.12 18:46:00
- I was having a similar conversation with a corpmate yesterday.When we rat. We are killing pirates an ...2010.05.11 18:16:00
- I did see a pilot come out of the showers after being podded who forgot to get dressed once... ...2010.05.11 12:59:00
- Eve has spaceships Mass Effect has spaceships.Clearly they are the exact same game. ...2010.05.11 12:50:00
- Thats why I like EVE, they don't baby us so I can ragequit after an hour or so of gatecamps. ...2009.08.27 18:00:00
- Edited by: Destination SkillQueue on 27/08/2009 17:28:24 So when the robot apocalypse comes, I'm no ...2009.08.27 17:59:00
- Give the Avatar and Avatar Titan, that would be a short, but epic movie. ...2009.08.21 01:18:00
- Throughout this entire thing I've seen people complain about this being in out of pod. DUST takes pl ...2009.08.21 00:48:00
- A while ago EVE sort of lost its flare for me. I tried taking a break but I got nothing. Any ideas o ...2009.08.21 00:39:00
- It let me get Mirrors Edge before Christmas ...2009.08.21 00:34:00

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