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- I know this question has been asked but I am not sure that anyone has answered it. I have "updated" ...2011.04.07 12:49:00
- Isk has been transferred (Jeneveeve)Isk received and transferring toon ...2010.11.12 16:38:00
- Didn't realize this was an auction but 3.51 bil Pls contact me ingame if you are on Jeneveeve ...2010.11.12 15:41:00
- Didn't realize this was an auction but 3.51 bilI made you a fair offer last night to meet half way a ...2010.11.12 14:29:00
- I will meet you at 3.5 bil I think that's a fair price This is the first 3.5 billion bid in so it i ...2010.11.12 13:58:00
- excellent points. shouldn't have an issue with t2 on a bc as well if you choose. I would meet you ha ...2010.11.12 05:41:00
- They do indeed and demand. Sometimes it's finding just the right buyer at the right ...2010.11.12 04:48:00
- Well I sold a 30mil sp toon for 10bill, maybe you are lowballing your own but I appreciate the feedb ...2010.11.12 04:23:00
- Just make an offer on here.... ...2010.11.12 03:48:00
- Selling this toon: password: pinkfloyd~14 million sp Full set ...2010.11.11 02:47:00
- Having an odd anomoly with our killboard. It's counting our kills as kills but it is also counting t ...2009.06.29 01:19:00

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