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- It might be safe as ever. But I'm waiting for a withdrawal since quite sometime (yes more then 48H). ...2009.01.13 08:39:00
- Edited by: Tourim on 01/12/2008 21:06:31 Hi! After a bit of work I got ooe to run. The mistake, as ...2008.12.01 21:06:00
- Okay... my understanding of mysql and php is rather limited. I installed ooe on my macbook. At the b ...2008.11.27 14:32:00
- You want to look into ~/Library/Preferences/EVE Online Preferences/p_drive/My Documents/EVE/logsTher ...2008.11.16 15:39:00
- I just tied to get some market dumps out. But I couldn't find them on my Mac neither with spotlight ...2008.11.16 02:39:00
- I'm playing on an 20" iMac. Since the last update it works like a charm. ...2008.04.26 13:28:00

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