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- I guess your spending your pennys?As you won 9.6bil last night on eve-radio? # ...2006.10.18 06:47:00
- NPC's don't drop 800m Rolled Plates, been like that forever If I remember right.Only place you will ...2006.10.18 06:44:00
- whats the point in reserve if its the buyout ? ...2006.10.16 22:08:00
- abso with6 Heavy pulse II ( conflag )10mn mwd II, warp dis, med injector ( 800s)2 mar II, dmg contro ...2006.10.15 18:20:00
- It seems to be my laptops foult, try to save the pic to your pc and just use the pic program, that w ...2006.10.15 16:25:00
- New picture taken, hope it helps otherwise tell me whats the problem is and ill try to fix it again. ...2006.10.15 15:48:00
- Edited by: Megri on 15/10/2006 15:41:17Can you possibly take a better screenshot? I may take BuyoutE ...2006.10.15 15:33:00
- Think I heard of these guys - B uys O nly B adgersho ho ho ...2006.10.15 13:12:00
- offer 60m buyout on ts warp disrupt ...2006.10.14 11:17:00
- damn forgot about this auction .. was interested in neix.. if he doesnt sell then i will buyout for ...2006.10.13 23:21:00
- Just the character. But isn't the character the account? Or is it just splitting hairs? My character ...2006.10.13 07:34:00
- Good point, you have bs 4.Even with getting podded its only 5% off your biggest skill.Explain? ...2006.10.13 06:28:00
- Edited by: Megri on 11/10/2006 19:19:36 doh meant to post ...2006.10.11 19:19:00
- Read forum rules.One bump per day.. not hour.Also.. I thought it was going to have awsome leadership ...2006.10.11 15:26:00
- Bring it. More fun for all.zomg response from seleene/me falls over ...2006.10.08 14:42:00

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