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- The features and Ideas section has had this suggestion in there many times. ...2011.07.12 00:14:00
- I believe you have done her one of the biggest dis-services of her Eve career. I hope she is mad at ...2011.07.06 20:44:00
- Stuff and herfderfHerping - have you been in a fight against PL recently? One of the last battles th ...2011.06.30 21:42:00
- CHAV is an English expression which means Council House and Violent I believe? ...2011.06.29 15:16:00
- I win at Eve button - 50,000,000 AURUM single use After use, character is biomased and goods are sca ...2011.06.25 08:26:00
- You might lose your prescription sunglasses!!! ...2011.06.21 14:47:00
- Miila getting in before its released*sigh* ...2011.06.20 23:45:00
- Had a friend who got caught playing Eve at work and convinced his manager that that it was a front e ...2011.06.09 18:27:00
- Ah yes, because everybody is constantly moving characters around I was surprised to see it IS very b ...2011.05.22 15:59:00
- I also build cap ships for the Jita marketSo why wont you fill my revelation buy order in jita 4-4? ...2011.05.17 23:32:00
- Insert comment about trees, environment and the paperless office....Is there an electronic version? ...2011.04.18 00:49:00
- That's apparentThe two URLs point to birds of paradise displays - how does that compare with a PvP e ...2011.03.14 12:11:00
- Lesson to learnWhen one identifies fantasy DO NOT under any circumstances confuse that with reality ...2011.02.17 22:25:00
- Here is my attempt at recreating Chribba th ...2011.01.20 01:18:00
- U are going to quit this game after ONLY losing a nighthawk? My main lost a CNR (worth around 18bil ...2010.11.17 21:15:00

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