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- The API upgrade, while not directly influencing your spaceship is a pretty nice upgrade to EVE. I pe ...2011.09.04 00:28:00
- Edited by: Chrono Seeker on 15/08/2011 13:43:44 Edited by: Chrono Seeker on 15/08/2011 13:33:49 So ...2011.08.16 17:58:00
- Oh man this thread is funny. Even tried to type something constructive and helpful but couldn't help ...2011.08.15 00:56:00
- There's really nothing wrong with fitting AB only on a cheap ship. Sure if you get kited you're dead ...2011.08.08 15:02:00
- AC's were for the most part buffed to counter the OMG laser problem. Prior to the projectile buff, l ...2011.08.08 10:43:00
- "It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount ...2011.07.22 09:19:00
- I'll have peace on those terms. ...2011.07.16 22:35:00
- Ok it appears ccp must remove local to fully implement incarna. Um... I wasn't really following news ...2011.07.14 12:37:00
- I got to admit I agree with OP.CCP deserve a lot of flak, mind you. As an expansion, incarna is laug ...2011.06.25 14:29:00
- If you really are in the "top 5%" in EVE, then you are by definition in the bottom 5% in RL, you fuc ...2011.06.24 23:19:00
- xDocking as it was before, then leaving the ship for walking in station if desired. I really don't s ...2011.06.24 02:33:00
- Itīs pretty sad we canīt do this anymore priceless ...2011.06.22 17:34:00
- x There's absolutely no point to it as it is beside eye candy and performance gutting. ...2011.06.22 16:06:00
- So something worked for you, now it's being removed and you think it's awesome.Yes exactly, because ...2011.06.21 16:34:00
- Lol what?I made use of the unprobable t3 uberness yet I'm happy to see it go away (it was rather sil ...2011.06.21 16:26:00

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