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- RVB is throwing another Ganked, this time the theme is Thrashers!Its on Saturday 10th September @ 8p ...2011.09.03 17:16:00
- What is this?We are not at the top of the first page, despite it being the end of both summer and ou ...2011.08.29 18:02:00
- Continued:Then, some discretion took over as our numbers were whittling down, and while fire was our ...2011.08.21 14:10:00
- As I said late lastnight, this roam was brilliant. Really and truly brilliant.Part One Started off ...2011.08.21 14:07:00
- Dont forget this Saturday at 8pm EVE is the 2nd RVB ganked roam. Gallente themed, Thorax hulls pre ...2011.08.18 19:22:00
- Edited by: Itin Erant on 13/08/2011 04:39:21 Hi, I am somewhat new to EVE. I had trialed it a few ...2011.08.13 11:17:00
- RVB, that bastion of t1 frigate alts, failed alliance tournament contestants (joke Manic, dont hate ...2011.08.13 11:15:00
- Nearly 36hrs has passed since I last posted and RVB is still fun fun fun all the time!Come get some ...2011.08.07 17:55:00
- Get in!Its the weekend, you have an urge to pvp, but do not want to deal with politics or superblobs ...2011.08.06 08:01:00
- RVB = Frigates, every knows that.Yet, I dont think the bs and cs using flashies that just died awful ...2011.07.30 22:26:00
- Join today!The weekend shall be grand, t1 frigates only weekend!! ...2011.07.29 08:47:00
- This means an EVE Radio chat without Cutter. :(Anyway, as others have said, fare thee well. ...2011.07.26 23:07:00
- Interbus selling for 300 mill - wow!What's the name of the implant from the boxed sets?Cerebral Acce ...2011.07.25 14:29:00
- Join RVB and just pvp all day with no politics, with easy access to low and 0.0 for purple lolz and ...2011.07.23 22:34:00
- Edited by: Mangala Solaris on 23/07/2011 17:25:43 Edited by: Mangala Solaris on 23/07/2011 17:21:49 ...2011.07.23 17:21:00

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