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- one for "babbadobba" if you got any more ...2008.06.19 15:28:00
- That is a damn fine film.Best bit, def' the charactersand dialogue loved em, made me laugh big time. ...2008.06.04 07:27:00
- 1 for me plz "babbadobba" ...2008.03.27 12:35:00
- dude forget about renting blue status off a 0.0 alliance theres no way they and all the other corps ...2008.02.05 15:42:00
- Hi, I need some nooby advise. I have been flying an incursus with two 150mm & one 125mm railguns a ...2006.11.16 10:26:00
- My nooby experiencesI'm a noob been here 2 weeks, the lag for me at times has been very annoying 5-1 ...2006.11.16 09:31:00

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