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- Nano itIt's the only way to be sure ...2008.02.15 09:12:00
- Yeah I think it would be cool to get Market updates and be able to manage skills from your phone.Mar ...2008.02.15 08:57:00
- Id like them to be the opposite of the black ops, have them be short range gank ships. Pulse lasers, ...2008.02.04 04:25:00
- 3 words to seriously consider.faction gear -> gankedMost people who Factionfit their Ravens would be ...2008.02.04 04:18:00
- Megathron, Dominix, Maelstrom, Typhoon, even Abaddon or Hyperion... just, for the love of the pod, n ...2008.02.04 03:58:00
- True although in doing so would make existent fleet command ships somewhat obsolete, I'd rather see ...2008.02.04 03:45:00
- Hell, a DRAKE has a better effective DPS as a Rokh Well sometimes people want to look at somethin ...2008.02.04 03:41:00
- Um have you ever tried to waste everyone in Recon? Those Corpus Popes have quite fat bounties upon t ...2008.02.04 03:38:00
- He plays for fun!Let him have his fun ...2008.02.04 03:24:00
- Im thinking more along the lines of a better Fleetcommand shipLarger Bonuses to Gangmods, or bonus t ...2008.02.04 03:22:00
- 6x Siege IIs 2x Whatev T2 Medium gun you can use (I would go for Proj as no cap use)2x LSE II 2x I ...2008.02.04 03:19:00
- Well first of all, 425 IIs Secondly, dont omnitank missions. It takes a few seconds to change out ha ...2008.02.04 03:15:00
- I've tried on several occasions, and each time I've found the Drake just plain better - it has way m ...2008.02.04 03:09:00
- Factions shoot you when your at about -5 i believe?Just dont do missions that send you against facti ...2008.02.04 03:06:00
- Edited by: Grimpak on 03/02/2008 22:15:53 Ares = supafast extended range tackler -> it TACKLES tar ...2008.02.04 03:02:00

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