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- Posting in a thread of super cool people. Everyone of you has a special place in my heart. Let's get ...2011.06.03 11:06:00
- I have nothing but respect for Andy, both as a person and his posting. ...2011.05.19 21:21:00
- First season in nearly 2 years, with the biggest prize pool to date. All the old racers have rusted ...2011.05.19 17:07:00
- Friendly bump for a great avatar ...2011.05.04 17:40:00
- Id recommend against the iphone. That thing is a waste tbh.translation:I'm emo and l33t even if nobo ...2010.11.02 04:43:00
- Hey CCP, been tryin to log in for close to 2 hours after my client crashed in LXQ, this must be seri ...2010.10.30 19:02:00
- where we degenerate into clichés right?Too late for that. This thread is full of pop-psychology non ...2010.10.28 07:04:00
- wtf guys some fuking carrbears fitt theyr noob ships better.....ofiter and fraction mods look better ...2010.10.22 11:21:00
- ...2010.07.28 11:20:00
- I've never tasted mountain dew, but I'm a fat nerd :/ ...2010.07.26 08:56:00
- Watch the football, you don't want to miss the football, look it's gonna move. ...2010.07.14 16:45:00
- Edited by: RLCHANCE on 04/01/2010 13:52:02 Y cant people just stop bitc-hing about lag its just bec ...2010.01.04 17:48:00
- Nice troll Failanx dude, but uhm 500 (tri) != < 350 (nc) God, I hate blobs, don't you? Pathetic. I ...2009.12.15 18:32:00
- I don't feel safe anymore, oh what a mess. I wonder who's watching me now (who?), the IRS?Who's play ...2009.12.09 09:36:00
- Mr Rive is a very passionate person. ...2009.12.03 22:07:00

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