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- is a pretty cool idea ...2011.09.04 18:09:00
- thumbs up ...2011.09.04 10:55:00
- virutal magnifying glassa built in magnifying glass in eve \o/ ...2011.09.04 10:52:00
- pictures of potential ships. I call dibs on the minmatar one. ...2011.09.03 02:37:00
- Edited by: TheExtruder on 01/09/2011 07:46:42 Currently the tutorial for beginners is unpolished an ...2011.09.01 07:44:00
- I highly dislike this due to one reason: what is the flavour of such a ship?If it costs more but is ...2011.09.01 07:06:00
- an idea that can give a bigge ...2011.09.01 03:21:00
- people who wanted duels and tournaments, this is their chance, because this mechanic will allow many ...2011.09.01 02:43:00
- ...Yeah you're right incursions is a good answer to all the things that was missing in lvl4 missions ...2011.09.01 02:30:00
- Took a deep breath, some sleep, and more ...well, I'm not convinced.First, group PVE is already cove ...2011.08.31 16:46:00
- patch notes just made me sadcarbon io for clientside put off till "later date", no new CQ, no word o ...2011.08.31 05:45:00
-"Story and setting NPC nullsec sho ...2011.08.31 00:55:00
- is the way to go about changin ...2011.08.31 00:47:00
- forgot to give thumbs up for an important issue.dont let my bad presentation skills ruin a good idea ...2011.08.30 14:32:00
- Simple idea for a new PvE mechanic/function:Same battlefield, different obejctives. People with si ...2011.08.30 12:31:00

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