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- 2. Mission guidebox Double check to make sure you're using the correct type of damage (not sure i ...2011.04.29 14:28:00
- TonyCandTheJets = Xenuria. ...2011.04.18 20:59:00
- Fredfredbug4 is a little too emo-kid for my tastes. ...2011.04.18 19:59:00
- Edited by: Xenuria on 16/04/2011 22:12:59 I think it is funny that they let total noobs join goonwa ...2011.04.18 19:57:00
- This reminds me I still haven't gotten the achievement for 5 kills with a sea vessel in Battlefield: ...2011.04.18 19:39:00
- I spent a good long time mining in my hulk, while working on my mining/refining/reprocessing/trade/m ...2011.04.18 19:12:00
- ^^^ Prison **** scene.. ...2011.04.13 20:14:00
- I use Eve Gate when I'm at work. I like to look at my picture, and all the witty little comments I'v ...2011.04.13 20:11:00
- Back before eve, I was big into Star Wars Galaxies for a few years. Whenever I expected to take an ...2011.04.04 16:00:00
- I also incorporated a profit per hour column on my manufacturing spreadsheet. I used % over cost at ...2011.03.31 19:52:00
- <-- Medical Sys Admin. But I'm not ballsy enough to go full out and play while at work, I do game r ...2011.03.31 19:32:00
- What does it roughly cost to maintain a research pos in hisec? assuming you have the standing to de ...2011.03.30 20:30:00
- I think you'd have to treat such a corp as if you owned a construction company, and hired day labore ...2011.03.30 13:57:00
- A corp hangar would be a very nice idea because eve is a game for teams, not a personal activity./su ...2011.03.30 13:23:00
- I can't read these forums for more than 20 minutes or so, then my eyes start to hurt. Then I jump b ...2011.03.24 20:57:00

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