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- I wouldn't recommend Radeon cards to anyone. ...2006.11.04 20:33:00
- Thanks for the suggestions. It gives me some ideas of different set ups to try. Is using a shield bo ...2006.10.28 23:00:00
- I've got a Tristan.It has 2 150mm Scout I Accelerator Cannons. 1mn Afterburner I Small Cap. Booste ...2006.10.28 15:42:00
- Should I fit anything to improve the armor of my ship or just go with as much speed as possible? ...2006.10.28 15:26:00
- I just got offered this mission - was looking for something a little different than level 1 courier ...2006.10.28 15:11:00
- Awesome, I'll check out the guide later today.Just to clarify; I need some more skills like laborato ...2006.10.09 15:23:00
- I'm a gallente; and I have the science skill.Where do I go from here?I'm trying to look at the playe ...2006.10.09 14:53:00

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