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- was really to the 2 gangs of f***s that turned up looking to spoil the fun (one with 12 abs ...2011.07.08 09:08:00
- as usual i'd bet this slipped through Q&A. they wanted to have a discount sale but somebody messed u ...2011.06.22 09:13:00
- So we watch fanfest and see all the tie-ups between nvidia and ccp.It makes perfect sense to me with ...2011.03.30 05:17:00
- so this means that ccp recognizes they broke the game with the last patch - and i'm sure all of the ...2011.01.21 14:36:00
- yer. it's obvious to me that until this happens to NC, PL or IT or someone with some "pull" with ccp ...2011.01.21 09:00:00
- is anybody from ccp reading this? any response? ...2011.01.20 16:50:00
- the patch has brought back to the game the most horrible fleet lag you can imagine: http://www.eveo ...2011.01.20 05:45:00
- 2 days after the patch. 100vs100 fight and seriously this is the worst lag i have ever seen.approx 2 ...2011.01.19 21:39:00
- I would like to thank PIE for their recognition and their award.As a Legionnaire in 0000 it is my du ...2010.12.20 00:31:00
- tsk tsk. our definitions of griefing differ my friend. griefing in its purest scense is taking adva ...2010.09.02 17:32:00
- to be fair. both of you don't know what your talking the cheapest thing on the market, sur ...2010.08.31 08:53:00
- i'll give this a go ...2010.08.13 13:39:00
- let them hate, so long as they fear ...2010.08.13 09:14:00
- i wish people who havent got 3d tech would stop talking about how good or bad they think it is (or w ...2010.08.10 06:54:00
- Edited by: zero2espect on 08/08/2010 14:32:59 this just a terrible reaction. the same was said of ...2010.08.08 14:30:00

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