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- I recently joined Crimson Empire. it's a good atmosphere, small, tight knit group of guys who get ou ...2009.12.09 05:08:00
- No one else had this problem, or heard of anyone experiencing this or something similar out of inter ...2009.12.06 14:13:00
- 5 disconnects in around an hour this evening 8pm (EST) about every 10 mins or so. ...2009.12.06 06:04:00
- Edited by: Xr0ssfire on 06/12/2009 05:53:09 Wondering if anyone else is having the following proble ...2009.12.06 05:52:00
- can you clarify if you want 0.0 or lowsec?you say I do not want:0.0 / large (cap/bs) fleet fights.bu ...2009.12.05 19:37:00
- Im looking for the same exact things you are, if you find a corp you like give me a pm.Will do man. ...2009.12.05 17:59:00
- /bump ...2009.12.05 17:40:00
- Edited by: Xr0ssfire on 05/12/2009 19:35:24 I apologize in advance if this post is long winded.Firs ...2009.12.05 15:04:00
- Journey of a thousand jumps, begins with a single cyno. ...2009.12.02 21:29:00
- Testing blog link! ...2009.12.02 17:22:00
- EOG has it all going, roams, fleet battles, ratting, mining. There's something for everyone if you h ...2009.10.18 14:30:00
- /bump for awesome ppls, will learn a lot and it's a great environment. ...2009.10.15 17:00:00
- great bunch of guys, if you're looking for 0.0 access with an active pvp'ing corp, drop by and ask s ...2009.10.06 23:11:00
- If you're in a retriever the smart move is not to aggress, if you do, you will die. I know because I ...2009.07.08 16:01:00
- What TZ are most of UoL based in? Or primarily based in? ...2009.07.01 17:55:00

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