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- SERIOUSLY THESE: know these were just EVE Apri ...2011.06.29 12:14:00
- Blob = best blob?Ad ...2011.03.27 08:10:00
- You lost big isk recently did'nt you hehehe. ...2011.03.27 07:23:00
- tnx ...2011.03.24 22:57:00
- yeah ...2011.03.24 22:55:00
- One for:Maiev Satellizer andRegis Nex ...2011.03.24 22:46:00
- I don't think that scanner spots a blob on the other side of a gate fyi. Blobbing is something that ...2011.03.22 22:56:00
- Oh the irony... heretics complaining about being outumbered ^_^ ...2011.03.11 08:34:00
- He gave you a low score because youre one of the captain obvious who got affected by the event and t ...2011.03.11 08:29:00
- areas get cleared when the "fleet of lerv" comes out. ...2011.02.14 17:53:00
- yeah well my friends brother works at ccp and he said their going to fix that in the next patchquo ...2011.01.06 12:47:00
- Try trading, you will discover the real meaning of being cheap. ...2010.12.07 19:49:00
- They just launched the DESIGN YOUR OWN BOAT contest right? So new ship this X-mas. I bet they'll a ...2010.12.07 19:18:00
- Mr. F90OEXI came here to request some stuffs from your vault of riches. Please heed my call and mak ...2010.12.07 17:01:00
- I do it for fun. I do it to shoo competitors. I do it to test if they are stupid. Theres a reproc ...2010.10.18 18:54:00

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